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Multiprint Litho Underpins Environmental Ethos With KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates

First MEAF printer to improve sustainable production with Kodak’s green plate technology 

Multiprint Litho, Johannesburg, is the first operation in the Middle East and Africa to enhance its sustainability by switching plate production to the new KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plate.

Fundamental to this decision is a very strong environmentally conscientious ethos.

It was this commitment to continued sustainability improvements that led the company to begin using KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates. The plates offered high-quality thermal imaging and the complete elimination of plate processing. “Sonora XP Plates help increase productivity, simplify operation and remove costs by reducing the number of steps required for platemaking.”

The plates offer enhancements in both imaging speed and latent image contrast over previous generation technology, while providing the same resolution, reliability, accuracy and repeatability as traditionally processed thermal plates. They also improve stability and consistency of print due to the elimination of processing variations from removing the processor.

Sustainability on a plate - Enviromentally Friendly

While quality is paramount, equally important is the sustainable benefits delivered. The attributes of the new plate enable the company to pass on significant benefits to customers in terms of environmental responsibility along with increased productivity and stronger plate performance. Multiprint Litho is constantly aware of our environmental responsibility and the KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates have allowed us to eliminate the process chemistry.

The plates are run on a KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter installed in January 2012.

Natural choice

When Multiprint Litho decided to be environmentally friendly, we knew it would be a process that doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process we started some time ago. It began with our printing inks, and the entire plant now runs on vegetable inks (to ISO standard). Together with using FSC--certified paper wherever possible, Multiprint Litho is now reaching the stage of eco friendliness it always hoped to achieve.

Stand Out Productivity Gains

While Multiprint Litho is maximizing the benefits of KODAK SONORA XP Plates’ numerous environmental pluses there are plenty of productivity gains being made too: “With the KODAK SONORA XP Plates, we can make plates and be on the press, printing, in 10 minutes. We can also produce far more plates. We have come from 12 plates an hour to up to 42 plates per hour. This allows us to be much more reactive to change or ready to address the need to re-plate if there is a problem on the press. Press downtime is greatly reduced so the sales team can concentrate on finding additional business.”

Unified Workflow Solutions

At Multiprint Litho we has also changed our entire workflow system to integrate the brilliant KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System. The solution has significantly increased productivity and gets jobs onto plates and the presses far quicker.

Prinergy Rules Based Automation

Allows us to automatically preflight jobs as they are sent to the system by our clients. This means that everyone knows immediately of any potential artwork errors or problems up front.

Offering a distinctive printing service was the reason behind our decision to invest in the KODAK Prinergy Connect System. Through Prinergy Connect, we are providing a software platform for clients called "Insite", thats making life simpler and more efficient. Insite is a true "point-to-point" port, it allows our customers to upload artwork, amend, check, comment, share, approve and reject files directly into the workflow server of Multiprint Litho. 

Our Insite Software allows business to take advantage of todays fast pace lifestyle. The ability to review and approve jobs while on the road or in the office, 24/7, increasing employee productivity and faster turnaround times. 

Its all about bringing printers closer to customers and differentiating our business from the rest.


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