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Our BEE Policy

As a company Multiprint Litho has a long history and understands the importance of building a better future for all.

It is for these reasons we have embraced the governments Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) policies and fully commit to the process.

We have obtained our BBBEE certification and we are currently a level four contributor.

Through our BBBEE policies, Multiprint Litho is a proud donor that supports the good work done by CIDA City Campus (CIDA).

CIDA City Campus, based in Johannesburg, is the first virtually free higher education institution in South Africa, offering holistic education to historically disadvantaged youth who would not otherwise be able access higher education. With the exorbitant cost of higher education in South Africa, CIDA has emerged as the abiding hope for underprivileged students who desire to pursue a university level education. The university is driven to develop the infinite potential of every student regardless of his or her background.

CIDA develop business minded graduates who can think creatively, engage in open dialogue and care about transforming South Africa.

The university admits students from historically disadvantaged communities to study for a business degree, and registered students qualify for a full scholarship that includes tuition, books, food, accommodation and transport.

CIDA not only offers marginalised school leavers a unique opportunity to achieve there dreams while also helping to break the bonds of inter-generational poverty, but also aims to transform these students into leaders within their communities who will then advance the socio-economic transformation of the country.

Through a number of partnerships with donors, CIDA has enabled its graduates to become competitive in the market place, with most of them joining the banking and investment industries, and other key sectors of the South African economy.

CIDA's donors and partner help uplift the lives of many disempowered South African youth and thus improve the countries economic participation globally, and equip those who were previously disadvantaged with relevant and marketable skills

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